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Jerome Simian

                     started his coaching career in 1998. Since then, he has coached athletes to compete in seven Olympic games, to World and European medals, as well to national records and dozens of national championships. His experience ranges from track and field to professional rugby, to figure skating, to mention only a few.


In a country where good athletes are helped for free and coached by the federal system, his private practice was built on helping those who did not fit the standard performance requirements. That often meant helping them return from injury all the way back to high level performance. His methods are therefore results based.


If the methods look different, they are. They were born of a constant quest for sports improvement not just fitness exercise progression. Results cannot afford the constraints of dogma or traditional thinking. This quest is fueled by the study of the fundamental subjects of physiology, neurology, and current research, but also by information gleaned from coaches that have demonstrated superior results.




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