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Our mission is to help our clients achieve a higher level of physiological function, for athletic performance or simply better capability in everyday life. Whatever the level of athleticism there is a right way to move. Coaches call it good technique. A sure, economical, fluid way that can be fed with power.


Good technique is the optimal sequence of contracting / lengthening of muscle, in the right order, at the rythm and velocity adequate to the achievement of an intentionally predetermined goal.

The brain calculates this optimal sequence towards a goal as a function of the state and the capabilities of the whole system as informed by proprioceptive feedback. All champions speak of the ease they felt during their best performances. This same ease, also shown by children, is not reserved to the elite. Each and every one of us can find it with a bit (sometimes a lot) of well directed work.


Fluid movement creates enjoyable feelings that in turn create positive emotions. Look at the smiles on children's faces when they run! These emotions facilitate learning and get stored in memory. The same movement will cause these emotions again later, starting a virtuous cycle. The lack of fluidity grows with years of adapting to an environment that doesn't promote it. The 'gifted' athlete's advantage comes also from neural adaptation to an environment, just not the same one. But your environment can be changed!


Synaptic Athletics, because the key to a higher level lies within the nervous system. Whatever your goal, it's where it happens in the synapse.


Where you win it!

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